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Mar Jennings is the author of the best selling Life On Mar’s: A Four Season Garden, a nationally acclaimed gardening book, sold world-wide. Mar’s continues the series with Life On Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury at the remarkable price of $19.95Read more
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Holiday decorating, gifting and wrapping it up with style is easier when you have the right tools at hand. So it’s time to stock up for your decorating and gift wrapping needs. Whether wrapping the perfect present for friends and family or decorating my home for the arrival of guest this holiday season, I find it’s easier to be...Read more
sMARt Tips
As I begin to redesign my garden studio—for both better function and to maximize the space—I find my eye attracted to the galvanized look and feel of an industrial warehouse space more so than a typical garden studio. The challenge is how to best combine the two in a cohesive style to create one MAR velous space, especially since the...Read more
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This week’s s MAR t tip is all about the centerpiece! Now that I have teamed up with in their movement to bring back the centerpiece, I was motivated and inspired to create fun projects that use the traditional pumpkin as something decorative, fresh and new. This time of year it’s pretty traditional to carve a pumpkin...Read more
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Halloween is arguably the most paradoxical of American Holidays despite its ever-increasing popularity. Since the mid-1980s, we have begun to accept that Halloween's unique place in modern society (especially American society) merits attention beyond horror fiction and children's books. Early celebrations of Halloween were filled with fear...Read more
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Considering the overwhelming beauty of the Hydrangea plant, it’s no wonder I cherish the pleasure of taking the time to dry them each year so I may have months of delight admiring their loveliness. Enjoying them in the garden is one thing, but having them indoors, well past their blooming season, is always a great opportunity to discover new ways...Read more
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They say that one should never judge a book by its cover, yet many of us do just that. And when it comes to the competitive real estate market one always has to take an objective approach on how one’s home may look to others. Regardless if you’re selling your home or just looking to update and refresh it, there are many affordable...Read more