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MAR tians! Happy Friday & Happy Weekend... As you know, I love sharing my thoughts and experience in the wonderful world of design, lifestyle and beyond. This is one of...Read more

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S&J Multimedia, LLC is currently booking dates for local and national appearances for Mar’s inspiring Casual Luxury lecture series. Topics Mar is commonly booked for include: Home design...Read more

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MAR Silver, gold and brass
In keeping with my latest home design details in MAR silver, gold and brass, I have a doozy of a s MAR t tip for you, MAR tians— and a few personal MAR mories too. When I was growing up, I had...Read more

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From Drabulous to Fabulous To recap: My six core design principles are truly the cure for all design dilemmas. These Casual Luxury principles did not come to me in a dream. I did not glean them from...Read more

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Mar Jennings—known for his record breaking downtown home sales—introduces his next exclusive Casual Luxury home . Cotton Cottage is a sunny 1920s farmhouse located in a storied...Read more