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Hello my MAR tians! Well, this is a big weekend here at Rosebrook Gardens, my home. As overnight guests arrive, I’ll be rolling out the red carpet no doubt, but also...Read more

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New York, NY: Mar Jennings, President of MAR keting and Promotions of Higgins Group Real Estate, announces ground breaking philanthropic approach to selling homes. Jennings is offering a $50,000.00...Read more

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If you find that you can’t keep a plant because you don’t have a green thumb, try this forest-style planter for your home. It’s a foolproof, long-lasting alternative to traditional...Read more

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Succulents….you’ve seen them for years. These whimsical, interesting and often times oddly shaped plants are found predominantly in rock gardens, stone walls and shallow containers. Commonly know as...Read more

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A car is indispensable in our everyday lives. No longer is car simply way to get from point A and to point B. Today's cars offer every variety of luxury and pure excess in the world of technology...Read more