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My MAR tians, you all know I simply refer to my home as Rosebrook Gardens, but this morning I’m calling it “Snowbrook Gardens” to reference the splendor of...Read more

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Join us February 19th-22nd, 2015 for "The Spirit of Spring" : The Connecticut Convention Center will be transformed into a breathtaking event for floral and garden enthusiasts. View some...Read more

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This week’s s MAR t tip is all about introducing simple architectural decor touches often found outdoors but which can easily be introduced inside as well. Let me explain: as a gardener living...Read more

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There are many people that celebrate the Super Bowl like it is a holiday. In fact, for many football fans, winter only means one thing: The Big Game! It is estimated that 93.2 million people viewed...Read more

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Have you ever been inspired by a designer item and dreamt about the lifestyle and touches of opulence and wealth? Even if you have not seen a single moment of Downton Abbey you are likely aware that...Read more