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I’m honored to have my home’s gardens be the subject of an exciting photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens. For those MAR tians into social media, you might...Read more

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Life On Mar's: The Home Makeover Show is a fun, fast-paced new series that highlights the top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, year-long renovation and restoration of a family home that is chock-full...Read more

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After a lazy, hazy, crazy summer of dubious bedtimes, vacations, and loose schedules, the transition back to school can feel like a gut punch. Avoid tantrums: Gradually make bedtimes earlier by 10...Read more

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Succulents….you’ve seen them for years. These whimsical, interesting and often times oddly shaped plants are found predominantly in rock gardens, stone walls and shallow containers. Commonly know as...Read more

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The season for travel is upon us and families are planning vacations and outings. If you plan on taking your pet, ensuring a safe trip should be a top priority. I have a few important tips to keep in...Read more