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I love New York! And despite living so close to the city I always look for opportunities to extend my stay whenever possible. Truth be told, some of the best things about my...Read more

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This deluxe oversized coffee table book is filled with photographic essays—beautifully shot by renowned photographer Stacy Bass—highlighting Mar Jennings’ unique Casual Luxury design philosophy, plus...Read more

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As a professional lifestyle expert and designer I’m often asked by my clients when to go lighter with room color and when to go darker. This s MAR t Tip is all about when to use light versus...Read more

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Have you ever considered the notion that something as simple as a trashcan could be a home fashion statement? Trash receptacles, whether large or small, are a part of our daily lives.Read more

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Summer may be coming to an end, but September and October just so happen to be my favorite months for outdoor gatherings. 2014 has been all about theme parties and there is no better time to...Read more