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Hello my MAR tians, I write to you from the glorious beach of the Carambola Beach Resort in St. Croix . I’ve been here as MC for the St. Croix Bridal Symposium, and...Read more

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New York, NY: Mar Jennings, President of MAR keting and Promotions of Higgins Group Real Estate, announces ground breaking philanthropic approach to selling homes. Jennings is offering a $50,000.00...Read more

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I have always been known for wrapping small and large items with great style and passion, but this year I upped the ante by wrapping my garage door. This project is simple, easy to do, and will make...Read more

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A nice bottle of wine is always a perfect gift for a host or hostess. We have all seen the velvet wine bags sold in stores these days - they're nice, but they lack individuality. Even worse are the...Read more

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This time of year many garden centers, holiday markets and even your local grocery chains have the blissful, fragrant delight of the Paperwhite bulbs, and when I see them I’m intoxicated with...Read more