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sMARt Tips
Although it is wintertime, there is gardening work to be done. That said, who doesn’t love wisteria? The endless blooms in the spring can blanket their canopy over a terrace, balcony or pergola. They are so delicately intoxicating and whimsical, especially when fluttering in a soft spring breeze. To get that look there is work to be done...Read more
Out and About
Gift time can leave the cleverest of us at a loss for something new and unique to present. Need a good, safe, always appreciated gift? Just about everyone loves to receive a fabulous bottle of wine or champagne during the holidays. The problem is how do you make that perfect bottle stand out and look special? Too often your nice bottle, as a...Read more
sMARt Tips
Ever find yourself in a pinch when wrapping a small gift box? Cutting scraps off of larger wrapping paper can be a chore because you try to not take away what you might need for larger gifts.Read more
Design Details
In keeping with my latest home design details in MAR silver, gold and brass, I have a doozy of a s MAR t tip for you, MAR tians— and a few personal MAR mories too. When I was growing up, I had my very own "designing women." My very creative mother and grandmother were sticklers for good design. In fact, my mother always said,...Read more
In The Home
This time of year many garden centers, holiday markets, and even your local grocery chains have the blissful, fragrant delight of the Paperwhite bulbs. When I see them, I’m intoxicated with delight. Narcissus Paperwhites are highly fragrant, and because they are so easy to force bloom when indoors, they are very common during the holidays...Read more
sMARt Tips
Tag Sales—just another way to describe a garage sale—are wonderful ways to clear unused items in a house, and they can also be a lot of fun. Here are my favorite difference-making tips to keep in mind when planning your sale. Create a buzz: When placing an ad in the paper or online, make it catchy and fun, and tell a little about what...Read more
sMARt Tips
Just about everyone could use a little extra cabinet space without having to do a whole kitchen remodel, right? Follow these sMARt tips for an even sMARter functioning kitchen space.Read more
sMARt Tips
Ah, vacation time! People everywhere are gearing up to pack themselves into cars, trains, buses and planes for a beach get-a-way. Regardless of where you are going, I think you deserve to arrive in Casual Luxury style. Here are some s MAR t tips to help you do it: Reduce stress by spending where it counts. When purchasing luggage for yourself or...Read more
In The Garden
No need to grab your passport or to even pack a suitcase when you use travel as your inspiration in your garden. A garden that reflects international sensibilities is more about the places you have been and the signature design styles of those places that remind you perhaps of a special time in your life. Whether on a cross-country tour of the US...Read more
sMARt Tips
Tired of that old sofa, but can’t bear to part with it just yet? Here are three fabulous looks that can transform any old or tired sofa; each of them simple and budget-friendly. Time to make something old into something new and inviting again. Pick a look you love and get started! 1. Traditional Add classic throw pillows for a fresh new look...Read more