Earth day

sMARt Tips
I love my lawn and the scale of it. While having a fabulous large lawn can be beautiful and increase the value on your home, the cost is high in both to the wallet and, as it becomes more and more a topic of discussion, the environment. Owning a mower, the toxic emissions, fertilizers, pesticides, water consumption and let’s not forget about the...Read more
Happy Birthday Mar!
Martians! By now, you have heard the MAR velous news. My TV series, “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” has been no MAR nated for two Emmys—and this is just season ONE! It truly is an honor, and it could not have happened...
Out and About
While on vacation recently, I had a "light bulb went off in my head moment" while viewing Al Gore's fantastic and eye-opening documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Though not ignorant of the topic, I had been unaware of the details of the movie and found myself feeling great concern for what is happening to our planet. I began to think about how I...Read more