LIFE ON MAR'S: The Home Makeover Show EPISODE 6 Kitchen Overhaul

This time the O'Kane family's patience is truly tested while Green Isle of Westport, CT, is in flux. The kitchen is completely torn apart, and Yvonne is starting to get impatient to feed her family home cooked dinners. I guess takeout Chinese and pizza is getting pretty old right about now.

I decided to relieve some of the pressure on the family by finding the perfect place for Yvonne to get the urge to cook out of her system temporarily. She has such a flair for entertaining. You will not believe the feast she was able to prepare for her family and all of Team Mar.

Of course you cannot get through an entire renovation without a few setbacks. In this kitchen I have yet another fireplace to deal with (the 5th!) It is now getting to be quite a challenge to find a new and aMARzing way to create a fireplace design. But, this works in your favor so prepare for more useful on-screen sMARt tips!

Just when I think I have finally cleared the last hurdle, the cracks begin to show—literally! And with a design detail we thought we'd solved! Thankfully, Team Mar jumps into action and saves the day to keep us right on track.

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