LIFE ON MAR'S: The Home Makeover Show EPISODE 5 Kids' Bathrooms

In this episode of our total makeover of the home Green Isle in Westport, CT, I completely gut and renovate a couple of very important rooms: the out-of-date and well-used kids' bathrooms! Since the kids were forced to temporarily clean up elsewhere, they had some serious payback in store for me. Get ready for some big laughs, as we get into the 'swing' of things at Trapeze School New York.

After that high-flying adventure, I decided I had to respond with a little payback of my own. The bathrooms were completely dismantled for all the changes and work going on, so it was the perfect time to bring them all to my favorite place to let off steam—Six Flags New England! Cover your ears; there will be screaming.

After I recovered, it was time to get back to business. My transformational Casual Luxury bathroom designs were taking shape. With only a few surprises and challenges we stayed on schedule and this reveal is the kids' favorite one yet. (The parents, Yvonne and Neil, were pretty delighted, too.) There's always something good on Mar's for you, too, MARtians. Get out a pad and paper for more useful on-screen sMARt tips!