LIFE ON MAR'S: The Home Makeover Show EPISODE 11 The Studio & Laundry Room

This time it’s 2 very different rooms: one is ‘creative’ while the other is ‘clean’. We are way down in the lowest level of the house transforming the basement rooms. The homeowners are expecting to be wowed by their new indoor garden studio, but can I pull off a new laundry room that amazes just as much? 
With pipes and beams in the way and unexpected challenges, these two smaller rooms just might be the ones that push me over the edge. Guess how I cool off? Yup: This figure skating gold medalist takes to the ice and shows off his skills. With the support of my skating mentor, can I land the double jump? Watch and see…
Armed with my six principles of design, my motto, “Casual Luxury has no boundaries,” and a terrific team, I will show you how dark and dank can become bright and stunning. Best of all, these rooms will serve their purposes so much better than before.