LIFE ON MAR'S: Creating Casual Luxury

"Casual Luxury is the cure for all design dilemmas. My six principles will work in your home regardless of its size, your personal style, and in any room. Casual Luxury has no boundaries."

Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best-selling author Mar Jennings is known for his signature style: Casual Luxury. He is a master at making it quickly understood and easy to apply with his trademark tips and techniques--"Casual Luxury made simple and sMARt." Mar's inventive and original blueprint for design infuses Mother Nature's colors and textures throughout the home and garden.

For the first time he shares how Casual Luxury can be broken down into six design principles that anyone can apply. The book invites us all inside his Westport, Connecticut, home, as we explore with him his six design principles for creating a Casual Luxury home, room by room. This deluxe oversized coffee table book is filled with photographic essays highlighting his philosophy, plus practical applications and resourcefulness applicable for any home or space.

Like an entire season of a design show, LIFE ON MAR'S: Creating Casual Luxury will allow readers access to an encyclopedia of great ideas to apply in their home. This lifestyle expert does it with simplicity and style, balancing natural solutions with everyday elegance. "Having a beautiful home or apartment is an attainable goal," says Jennings. "If I can do it by mixing price points, my personal style, and local resources then you can, too!"


"I loved Mar's latest book, Life on Mar's: Creating Casual Luxury. The book gives you an easy formula to help design individual rooms. This is such a great concept because it takes the fear out of tackling a whole house. You can achieve the look one room at a time or all at once! The photography is beautiful and the text boxes which detail paint colors, fabrics and sources are super helpful. I also like that he re-purposes items and does like a bargain periodically!

Mar also gives you tips for your exterior spaces which to me, are just as important. There are tons of ideas for bringing nature inside your home which help you achieve the look of "Casual Luxury". If you're looking for inspiration and easy ideas to implement in your home, this book is a winner!"