Change is in the Air!

I am thrilled to be able to share some of the behind the scenes progress for season two of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show.” My good friend and area artist, Joe Malfettone, is designing some fantastic, new title animations! I really love Joe’s work, so keep an eye out for the total makeover of our title animations. You are going to love our new look.

A few things about Joe, not only is he a talented artist, he is a business & branding consultant too—a great combination. Joe is clever and very creative, but he really has his feet on the ground when it comes to business. If you follow me, you will already have seen Joe’s work.  He created my ubiquitous MARtian logo!

Here I'm showing you a snippet of the fresh, new direction of our show’s open and title sequences. (Nothing final yet--this idea really prompted even more thoughts to include.) Joe has done an incredible job researching current trends in show titles and global communication. I definitely learned a few things and will be applying what I learned to the show going forward. 

Find out more about Joe at and note that he also does personal consulting, therapy and coaching. To experience some of Joe's work, click here

I’ll keep you up to date on our new look. Please feel free to voice your thoughts and feelings about our new direction on all our social media channels. Look forward to hearing from you!

As Always…Keep It Casual,