In The Home
Some of the best resources are free, and when Mother Nature provides you with an abundant supply of pine cones, you can’t help but think up multiple applications for them that are both practical and resourceful. Here are four simple and creative s MAR t tips for inspiring you to rethink the traditional pine cone: As kindling for your...Read more
Garden Studio
With Pee Gee Hydrangeas now past their full blooms, these amazing flowers are the perfect resource to get inspired to create something both festive and timely. This year I decided to make something new and interesting with my abundance of spent hydrangea flowers. For anyone who adores the hydrangea flowers when in full season, autumn brings new...Read more
In The Garden
Summer may be coming to an end, but September and October just so happen to be my favorite months for outdoor gatherings. 2014 has been all about theme parties, and there is no better time to introduce a fantastic theme than late summer and early fall, as the weather is seasonally more pleasant. Plus, who doesn’t love entertaining around a...Read more
In The Garden
Over the years I have adapted my gardening secrets to a proven list for every season, and they have become my garden to-do list year after year. So, here is my fall gardening secrets.Read more
sMARt Tips
Tag Sales—just another way to describe a garage sale—are wonderful ways to clear unused items in a house, and they can also be a lot of fun. Here are my favorite difference-making tips to keep in mind when planning your sale. Create a buzz: When placing an ad in the paper or online, make it catchy and fun, and tell a little about what...Read more
Out and About
The art of traveling should be done in style and with sophistication regardless of where you’re going.Read more
Mailbox Mishaps
Out and About
I love to get mail. Don’t you? There is a little bit of excitement wondering if there is going to be a letter or a card waiting for me. One can only hope, as most often it’s the monthly bills or the endless amount of waste commonly called junk mail.Read more