sMARt Tips
Ever find yourself in a pinch when wrapping a small gift box? Cutting scraps off of larger wrapping paper can be a chore because you try to not take away what you might need for larger gifts.Read more
sMARt Tips
What: Mar Jennings Holiday Design Lecture When: Sat Nov 5, 2016 at 2:00pm Where: 75 Church Lane, Westport, CT Ready to create your Casual Luxury holiday home? Join Mar at his interactive, energetic and informative holiday talk. You’ll learn how to: Use Mar’s 6 core design principals—which work in any home, with any style...Read more
sMARt Tips
Traversing along the windy and sometimes daunting trails to your perfect home can be a challenge. Through my experience as a homebuyer and with homebuyers as a Realtor® I have accumulated key tips to make the process easier. I want to pass what I have learned along to my MAR tians. 1. Start house hunting after your bank has prequalified you...Read more
sMARt Tips
Memorial Day always makes me happy to kick off the summer season. Like the song says, “the livin’ is easy.” The grill gets fired up, the lawn chairs get set up, and the decorations come out, including the flag. I love the Stars and Stripes, and love to show it properly. Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who died in...Read more
Design Details
In keeping with my latest home design details in MAR silver, gold and brass, I have a doozy of a s MAR t tip for you, MAR tians— and a few personal MAR mories too. When I was growing up, I had my very own "designing women." My very creative mother and grandmother were sticklers for good design. In fact, my mother always said,...Read more
Garden Studio
As a designer (and gardener,) I always find myself thinking outside the box, and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. With spring around the corner and Mother's Day not far away, I wondered: "Why show up with cut flowers?"Read more
In The Home
As a lifestyle expert, I’m always seeking new ways to make long-standing traditions feel fresh and new. For example, the Easter Basket. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the idea of a grown-up Easter Basket full of my favorite treats.Read more