In The Garden
Here's your VIP Garden Tour-- V irtual I ntegrated P hotos, that is! Mother Nature might not have been cooperative enough for a sure-fire garden party date, but she sure does show off her splendor--even in the rain! So instead I'm sharing a tour of my garden through my camera lens; so you can take a look and stay dry. So many gorgeous...Read more
sMARt Tips
I love my lawn and the scale of it. While having a fabulous large lawn can be beautiful and increase the value on your home, the cost is high in both to the wallet and, as it becomes more and more a topic of discussion, the environment. Owning a mower, the toxic emissions, fertilizers, pesticides, water consumption and let’s not forget about the...Read more
sMARt Tips
There is nothing more exciting than watching the snow melt away to uncover the early signs of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth. Any good gardener will tell you that it's all about planning. Much like the fashion industry, you're always one season ahead. So, here are my s MAR t tips to jumpstart your spring season. Visit garden shops and home...Read more
sMARt Tips
Although it is wintertime, there is gardening work to be done. That said, who doesn’t love wisteria? The endless blooms in the spring can blanket their canopy over a terrace, balcony or pergola. They are so delicately intoxicating and whimsical, especially when fluttering in a soft spring breeze. To get that look there is work to be done...Read more
Design Details
From Drabulous to Fabulous: A Recap My six core design principles are truly the cure for all design dilemmas. These Casual Luxury principles did not come to me in a dream. I did not glean them from other designers. I came to these design principles through trial and error, my genetic predisposition, and intuition. I hope the results inspire...Read more
It's A Dog's Life
Everyone loves the holidays, and our dogs and cats can't help but get caught up in how excited we are. The good cheer, the holiday decorations and all the guests that will soon arrive are easy to get caught up in. That said, there is no reason this shouldn't be a joyous season for pets as well.Read more
Out and About
Gift time can leave the cleverest of us at a loss for something new and unique to present. Need a good, safe, always appreciated gift? Just about everyone loves to receive a fabulous bottle of wine or champagne during the holidays. The problem is how do you make that perfect bottle stand out and look special? Too often your nice bottle, as a...Read more